Qualifications that set (CAVA) Certified Aircraft Value Appraisers apart from desktop appraisers.


  • As our Repeat Customer's state, we know aircraft; inside and out.
  • We are Qualified Buyer's Agents and have acted in the Best Interest of the Buyer during Countless Transactions. 
  • Our On Site Aircraft Appraisers are FAA certificated A&P's and/or IA's.
  • CAVA Tom Stevens, IA, CFI, MEI is  a Formerly Trained and Certified Member of NAAA with nearly 40 years of Airline, Business Class and General Aviation Experience.
  • Incorporated in 2006, Fully Licensed and Insured, we have thousands of Satisfied Appraisal Buyers, Sellers and Maintenance Customers.
  • Our Facility is Fully Equipped to Complete Pre-Buy/Annual Inspections, if desired.
  • We are Mobile and we Will Travel to You for your On site Aircraft Appraisal. 
  • We have Successfully Located, Appraised Aircraft Value, Ferried, Disassembled and Crated Hundreds of Aircraft for Shipment worldwide.

Why do I need a (CAVA) Certified Aircraft Value Appraiser?

  • Bank or Lending Institution Financing
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Aircraft Asset Allocations
  • Aircraft Value for Trade of Direct Sale
  • Legal Requirements for Aircraft Value
  • Business or Personal Aircraft Acquisition

Repeat Customer Testimonials


  • Jim says, "These folks know airplanes. Inside and out."
  • Mark says, "The most qualified and professional group of people around."
  •  Rich says; "I have known Tom's dad and the Stevens boys since South Norfolk W33 days in the early 1980's.  I've never met a family more dedicated to aviation than this family.  The aircraft knowledge shared is unmatched with 3 generations in aviation.  When I found out Tom and Judy had added aircraft appraisals to their services, I immediately called and set an appointment for my twin to be appraised.  Judy told me it would take a week and within 3 days the report was delivered to my bank and emailed to me.  The banker told me the report was meticulous and thorough and no further information was required.  A few weeks later, Judy called to thank me for the referral and to let me know the bank had contacted CAVA to appraise another customer's aircraft.  The next time an appraisal is needed, I will definitely contact CAVA.  I highly recommend them."  
  • Dave says, " Point blank. If you are serious about aviation, Tom and Judy are your people. THE best hands down. You need a plane? Lear Stevens. Want to sell your plane? Lear Stevens. Want to learn to fly, give Tom a call. Period.
  • Jeff says, "It's ALL good!  I wouldn't trust anyone else."

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A professional aircraft appraiser must acquire all the facts about the aircraft in question. The appraiser thoroughly examines the aircraft logbooks, inspects the exterior and interior surfaces of the aircraft, and pays close attention to the general condition, as well as the maintenance history of the aircraft. One of the tools the appraiser uses is an extensive computer based system that assists the appraiser in producing accurate and prompt aircraft appraisals.  An appraisal written by a CAVA Certified Value Appraiser provides the client with:

  • A detailed examination of airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics and all relative systems.
  • A careful review of aircraft documentation, log books, and associated records.
  • A computer analysis of relevant value data.
  • A certificate of appraisal and the detailed computerized report submitted to the client.

To obtain a professional opinion of the value of an aircraft as a prudent safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains and other  taxes.

  • Obtain a professional opinion of the present market value on an aircraft.
  • Obtain a professional opinion of the value on an aircraft to be renovated or modified.
  • Verify damage claims resulting from fire, hail, windstorms, accidents and other disasters.
  • Provide the basis for decision-making in the commitment of funds for aircraft acquisition.
  • Provides persuasive, independent evidence of the general condition of an aircraft.
  • Assist a prospective purchaser in obtaining financing or insurance.
  • Assist a financial institution in substantiating the nature and value of the aircraft as it relates to collateral.
  • Assist a financial institution by supporting the loan portfolio for examination by the loan committee and/or bank examiner.
  • Distinguish sellers aircraft from others that may be listed for sale. An appraisal written by a CAVA Certified Aircraft Value Appraiser should reduce the time required to sell an aircraft.